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Practice Panther Native Integration

The Zapier works well but it’s too limited. Please consider integrating to PracticePanther as you have with Clio already.

Legalboards Response: This feature is already waiting for Practice Panther’s team approval.

Multiple Labels

I need to put how many labels I want on the same card because I use the labels to filter my board in an easy way.

Google Drive Integration

Is it possible to have links to Google Drive in the matter’s card to identify the template of the document my team needs to use?


It would be useful in the case of any change in my board (tasks status, cards movement, etc) I could be automatically notified.

Report of Existing Automations

Can I have access to a report that would inform all automation(s) I have already settled for my board?

Productivity Reports

I need to see how is productivity from a specific workflow or team, like how many days cards are taking to move from one stage to the next one.

Automation to Add a New Member on Card

Sometimes we need to attribute the same member in a card when this card move on the board, is it possible to create an automation for that?


Our firm uses Docketwise for form preparation and we love organizing our matters through Legalboards. Any chance we can integrate both?

Mobile App

It’d be really useful if I have a Legalboards App to see my deadlines, my boards, and cards’ information.

Calendar Synchronization

Would it be possible to integrate my Legalboards account with my Google Calendar so all my tasks will show up on my calendar?

Legalboards Note: This is already possible using Zapier, but we’re planning to have a direct integration as well. We’ll keep you posted!

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