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What is a legal board?

Legalboards works as a kanban board for the legal industry. The whole board represents your process, the columns are your process stages and the cards into each column can be a Matter, a Contact or a Note. You can drag & drop your cards across the stages to visually organize your workflow.

How I share my legal boards?

You can invite your colleagues to share the same Legalboards account but only allow them to see and manage specific boards that you choose. Inviting new users through your top right settings icon will add them to your Legalboards account, but not to a specific board yet. You can edit an existing board and add users to it.

How the cards works?

You can have cards to represent a Matter, a Contact or just a Note on your board. In the case of cards connected to Matters or Contacts, they act only as a visual representation of your Matter or Contact, you can have as many cards as you want across different boards linked to the same Matter or Contact.

Is Legalboards a replacement to my current system?

Usually not, but as lawyers like to say “it depends”. If you’re using Case Management Systems with features like billing, HR, CRM etc, you can use Legalboards connected to your software, so you can enjoy Legalboards visual management without losing your back-office needs nor double manage your info, it can be all connected!

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