Automation Action “Move Card”

With this action, you can automatically move your cards inside the board and/or create the same card on a different board. It can make an incredible shift in your productivity.

This article will explain how you to create a Move Card automation in Legalboards, and leave you with some examples of use.

First of all, you need to have an account in If you want to know more about creating an account, or how automation works, check these articles.

Now, action! Here is the automation step by step:

  • On any board, click on the Automation button on the header. It will open a tab with some options. Choose “Move Card.”
  • Then, you have to set up a trigger (“When”) for the automation, and a filter.
  • At last, select in which board and column you want the action to happen:

Moves on this board
If you choose this option, the card will move to another column on the same board, as a result of the automation.

Creates card in another board
This other option will result in the creation of a new card in another board and at the column of your choosing.
You can organize chain events across boards: when some part of the work is done, another team can start their process on their own board, creating a collaborative and synchronized work.

So, now that you already know how to create this action, let us show you some examples of use:

Divorce Board:
When a task named “Review Draft” (or containing such wording as its description) has its status updated to “Done”, then certain cards from column “Property Settlement Agreement” will be moved to the next column, called “File for master”.

Immigration Board:
When a Clio task named “Document Check” (or containing such wording as its description) has its status updated to “Done”, then certain cards from column “Initiate Case (Internally)” will be moved to the next column, called “Case Identification”.

General Workflow Board:
When a card lands on the “Billing” column, then it will create the same card in a new board called “Accounting” and the card will be placed on the column named “Waiting for approval”.

Lead Management Board:
When a card stays for more than 30 days in the column “Waiting Response” it will move this card to the “Lost” column.

Written by Tainã Miranda

Tainã is the CTO and co-founder of Legalboards; she provides sound technical leadership in all aspects of Legalboards' business and she is an advocate for a more agile legal industry. She deals with the tech-team, stakeholders and customers to ensure the company’s technologies are used appropriately.


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