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Working in Legalboards- Custom Task Statuses

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to set up and use our unique feature of custom task statuses. Not all tasks look or can be classified the same. Administrative, consultative, and billing all require different steps, so why shouldn’t that be reflected in their statuses? Out of wanting to address this discrepancy, we’ve

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Checklist Automation

Working in Legalboards- Automation Action: Checklist Creation

In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up our newest automation action: Checklist Creation. This automation will allow you to automate your task checklists. By setting this automation, you and your firm will be able to save time and become more efficient. If you’re more of a visual learner, check out our video guide

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Send Email Task

Working in Legalboards- Automation Action: “Send Email”

Create unique email notifications personalized to your team, clients, or external consultants by setting up email automation in Legalboards. By creating “Send Email” automations, you can go beyond a simple template email notification. However, templates can still appear as spam in some inboxes- which is a problem we want to help you with. Legalboards deals

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Kanban board

Working in Legalboards- Automation Trigger: “Card Movement”

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up a card movement automation trigger for increased productivity. This means that when a card moves columns, a trigger will be set and have an automated response. Card movement automation triggers are easy to set up for daily use. By creating this trigger, you will

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Working in Legalboards- Automation Action: “Task Creation”

An important part of a team leader’s role is to distribute and organize team members. A team leader has to address who’s doing what, when tasks need to be completed, and how to best complete the task. However, this doesn’t need to require a big time commitment when you use Legalboards for task automation. In

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Automation Action

Working in Legalboards- Automation Action: “Move Card”

This guide covers how to create a move card automation action in Legalboards with examples of the automation in use. With this action, your cards can automatically move within the same board and/or be created on a different board. This capability can significantly improve your productivity because of the clarity, collaboration, and synchronization it provides

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How Does Automation Work?

With Legalboards’ workflow automation system you can plan, organize, and work efficiently by automating actions. The three types of actions are creating tasks, sending emails, and moving cards. You can also set standalone automation or combine them to create a powerful workflow system. This article will teach you how to organize your daily work by

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