Introducing Our New Partner: Selectius

One of our current partners is Selectius. Selectius is a firm that focuses on helping improve legal management and leadership through consulting, training, and coaching services providing Kanban University programs targeted to legal services professionals.

Like Legalboards, Selectius also focuses on Kanban and agile legal management. Their goal is to help the legal industry become more innovative and adaptive through the use of the Kanban Method. They provide legal professionals with the capabilities and tools they need to start delivering modern legal services to their clients with more effective and efficient processes.

Selectius’ Services

Selectius starts reflecting on the corporate culture of a firm and encourages a mindset shift to adopt the key leadership values that are associated with agility and specifically with the Kanban Method. They provide training on how to apply specific practices in a legal setting that will allow teams and organizations to emerge the necessary cultural values to promote evolutionary change.

As well, they can help design and implement Kanban systems that are tailored to a team or a firm’s workflow and provide coaching/mentoring to make sure everything runs smoothly. With their consulting services, they also can suggest some technology to help improve this new base.

Why We Love Selectius

Kanban Method is a great way for lawyers to visualize their workflow and save time managing it while improving how professionals collaborate and they deliver legal services to clients. At Legalboards, we love the visual aspect to Kanban boards. In one glance, you can see exactly what needs to be done, what has been done, and where bottlenecks occur.

Selectius focuses on helping firms make the switch from out-dated methods with their consulting, training, and coaching. We’re aligned with their focus on innovation and empowering legal teams to work more effectively. 

Special Programs for Legalboards Users

Selectius founder Lilian Mateu is a Kanban University Accredited Trainer and Coach and offers a training and coaching program “Fast Start Kanban”, which includes the  “Legal Kanban Practitioner” class and credential granted by Kanban University. Lilian also offers tailored STATIK Workshops and coaching sessions that cover all you need to use Kanban Method in a legal setting.

Current Legalboards’ users will receive discounts on the LKP course and for the Workshops and coaching sessions. Contact Selectius to get started.

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